Tai Chi Chuan for Beginners

Tai Chi Chuan for Beginners is aimed at the person with no previous Tai Chi Chuan experience. It presents a short, 22 posture form based on the Yang Style medium form that Master Chu has been teaching at the Brookline Adult and Community Education Program since 1984. The form is demonstrated twice (from different angles) and is broken down posture by posture. The tape also includes a variety of exercises for the waist, shoulders, etc. that will help the student get suitably loosened up and relaxed to practice the form.

Follow this link for a list of the names of the movements in this video.

Running Time: 55 Minutes
Format: VCD or DVD

Shipping and Handling:
First video within the United States: $7.00
First video outside of the United States: $15.00
For every additional video: $5.00

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