Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan: Large Frame Short Form

The Large Frame Short Form was designed by Yang Cheng Fu in the last century. The form serves two functions. It is an excellent form to study for health (the large and open movements improve blood and energy circulation). It is also a powerful form for the martial art student (the twisting and stretching movements help strengthen ligaments, tendons as well as loosen joints and make for a solid base for fa-jing training).

On this tape, Sifu Vincent Chu presents a 43 posture version of the form, ideal for beginners. The complete form is demonstrated, then broken down posture by posture. The tape concludes with another demonstration of the complete form, plus short extracts from a wide range of other Yang Style Forms, many of them quite rare, including medium frame, small frame, long form, fast form and so on.

Follow this link to find the list of the names of the movements in this tape.

Running Time: 52 Minutes
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