Fifteen Technique Small Frame Solo Form

The small-frame solo form has high stances, compact movements, qi circulation, and close-quarters techniques. It works more on the trunk than on the limbs, emphasizing training the vertebral column or the central nervous system in order to to develop natural reflexes. Therefore, it is said that the small-frame solo form appears to have smaller movements outside and larger movements inside the body.

Another characteristic of the small-frame solo form is that it loosens the body by stretching the muscle groups more often. In the beginning, usually the joints are stiff and the limbs are hard. After one has practiced the tai chi chuan solo form for many years, the body will be nimble and energetic, a quality demonstrated both externally and internally. When one has reached this stage, conducting all physical activity is possible without injury to the body, even when responding to a sudden and unexpected martial strike. This is what the Tai Chi Chuan Classics refer to when they say, "First seek out softness. Later, it will become strong." Softness comes from elasticity. When one is truly soft, a soft spiraling power will be developed and all actions will be fueled by this power.

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