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Name: Anthony Marquette   Date: 2008.06.28
City: Goodyear, Arizona, United States of America
Message: I am searching for a Knowledgeable Tai Chi instructor in the Phoenix, Arizona area that knows and can teach how to apply jing.

Name: Derrick Ngan   Date: 2008.06.03
City: Singapore, Singapore
Message: A great Tai Chi site for all. A lot of shared information. Not many knowledgeable Masters around and would get a lot less in future. If coming this way, please drop me a note.

Name: John Elliott, Clive Hamblen, Paul & Anne Earwicker, Andy Hamilton   Date: 2008.05.09
City: Staines, England
Message: Thanks to Sifu, Vincent, Gordon Chu and family, and all the great and helpful students, at (to quote King Arthur ) “the best club in the world.” It was an honour to see a great Master in action, thank you We all had a great trip.

Name: Fabrice Tchatchueng   Date: 2008.04.13
City: Ngaoundere/Adamawa, Cameroon
Message: I'm a Tai Chi Chuan practionner and instructor. Lot of informations avalaible, especially on the lineage, and on advices for practitionners of all levels, I will share it with our association here!

Name: Ina Sabanoglu   Date: 2008.02.25
City: Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Message: I am an instructor of Master San Gee Tam's Golden Flower Tai Chi School. He attended me on this site. Very good information, and amazing clips. I'll have some more practice!! :-)

Name: Duane Smith   Date: 2008.02.13
Message: Am student of associates of Wayson Liao interesting info enjoy the film clips

Name: Harve   Date: 2007.12.13
City: Riverside, US
Message: Hi, Nice site, I respect your tradition. One of my teachers was also a student of Grandmaster Yeung.

Name: Michael S. Copeland   Date: 2007.12.10
City: Millersville, Maryland, USA
Message: This site is saturated with execellent information.

Name: Owerri Aba   Date: 2007.11.24
City: lome, togo
Message: this site is more informations

Name: james   Date: 2007.10.23
Message: I lived in Boston in the 80's and enjoyed visiting Master Gin Soon and seeing real Tai Chi Chaun. I am an inventor whose invention unlocks all the HIDDEN geometric secrets of the Yin-Yang symbol. Thanks Master for the inspiration. James

Name: Patrick Brady   Date: 2007.08.22
City: Stroudsburg, PA, USA
Message: Greetings from the Poconos!

Name: Wudangquan   Date: 2007.08.02
City: Wuhan, China
Message: The site is really nice, and quite a valuable resource I think. taoism & Tai Chi

Name: Jonathan   Date: 2007.07.09
City: Seoul, korea
Message: Nice site . . .

Name: Bir B.Tamang   Date: 2007.07.04
City: Kathmandu, Nepal
Message: Absolutely my favorite Taijiquan web site. The articles are excellent and well-written. Thanks! As a professional I may say that I was very amazing to see such a good site

Name: Kristina   Date: 2007.07.03
City: Los Angeles, USA
Message: As a professional I may say that I was very amazing to see such a good site. I bookmarked it to visit you again and recommend it to my friends.

Name: Matt   Date: 2007.03.27
City: Boston, USA
Message: thank you for setting up this school. hopefully at some point i'll be by to watch one of your classes.

Name: Vlastik   Date: 2007.03.21
City: Prague, Czech Republic
Message: Vysvětlení pojmů Tai-či a Tai Či Čuan, rozdíly Tai či stylů, rozdíly mezi Tai Chi (Taiji) a Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan). Cvičení Tai-či a Tai Či Čuan v Praze. Zázračné uzdravení díky Tai-či.

Name: Bill Hansell   Date: 2007.03.03
City: Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
Message: I am a student of Dr. Cheng Xianhao. He will be coming to Williamsburg on Apr 14/15 to teach Wu Dang 13 Form, Gigong techniques, and Yang Competition Form (40 Movements). Email if interested!

Name: Bill Rouse   Date: 2007.03.02
City: Edinburgh, Scotland
Message: Love the web site, learnt a great deal for my own practice

Name: trevor oldfield   Date: 2007.02.23
City: , england
Message: Im very interested in qigong and your write up is very good,Ive had a heart attack in Dec and I train in tai chi and qigong which has helped in my recovery ,your artical on tai chi and qigong is very helpful,thanks trevor

Name: Geradr O'Toole   Date: 2007.02.07
City: Dublin City, Ireland
Message: I enjoyed this web site. Good luck and best wishes in 2007.

Name: Jack   Date: 2007.02.07
City: USA, USA
Message: What a wonderful web site! Thank you so much!

Name: Julio A. Salado   Date: 2007.02.02
City: Boston, USA
Message: Your school's instruction style, patience and attentiveness to detail broadens my understanding of fundamentals. This heightens my interest in this artform and desire to pursue perfection in the form on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Name: Saran   Date: 2007.01.02
City: Zaebal, Sweden
Message: Hello!!! Happy new year!!! I like yours site and guestbook!!! Thanks!

Name: G. Beedy   Date: 2006.12.22
City: Ohio
Message: What a wonderful web site! Thank you so much!

Name: Tom Tetreault   Date: 2006.12.20
City: Seekonk, MA, USA
Message: Hello Sifu, Fong, Chu Family, and all old Tai Chi Friends Merry Holiday Greetings and I hope to visit my old friends soon. PS. I am old and fat Tom T

Name: Loretta M. Donnelly   Date: 2006.12.20
City: Northern NJ, USA
Message: If any tai chi enthusiasts are in the northern NJ area - come and visit! See us at: May there be lots of good luck and happiness for your organization for 2007!

Name: roh mih   Date: 2006.11.30
City: , Philippines
Message: I'm glad I found this great website. I particularly enjoyed reading the article by Rene Navarro on Yang Seng Fu, and the 15-form tai chi instructions. May I know where I can contact Rene Navarro? What is his email? Thank you.

Name: taichiboy   Date: 2006.11.19
City: Changchun, China
Message: At the north of China a historic event is taking shape: the First International Taijiquan Science Seminar, scheduled for August 5-11 in 2007 at Changchun city. This is an unusual seminar making history: Taijiquan for the first time ever as a modern science discipline stands in our world. Please visit:

Name: Kinh Duong   Date: 2006.10.05
Message: May be many years and many wars have passed, the drawing of later heaven pa-kua has been re-drawn over and over again. Somehow the later heaven pa-kua picture (in today book and internet-site) is not the same as the originial drawing. One can't master the technique of pa-kua if one doesn't fully understand the creation of later heaven pa-kua. You can learn more at:

Name: Lin Wong   Date: 2006.09.27
City: Torrevieja Alicante, Spain
Message: Hi, loved your pages. I was searching for more information on dantien and came up with all your interesting info. on Qiqong and Tai Chi, which my partner Bill and me teach. Will recommend to all other Tai Chi practicioners.

Name: Sigong G. .S. Torres, M.D., D.C., F.I.A.M.A.   Date: 2006.09.10
City: Tampa, Fl, U.S.A.
Message: See you at the Zhang Sanfeng Tai Chi Festivale.

Name: Vlasta Bednar   Date: 2006.06.30
City: Prague, Czech Republic
Message: Cvičíme Tai Chi pro zdraví, sebeobranu a duchovní růst a hlavně udržení si mládí. Kurzy pro začátečníky a mírně pokročilé máme v Praze. Vhodné i jako doplněk rehabilitace.

Name: john ward   Date: 2006.05.13
City: Edinburgh, Scotland
Message: We have information on the LEE style Tai Chi

Name: Loretta M. Donnelly   Date: 2006.05.09
City: East Stroudsburg, PA, USA
Message: Hi Tai Chi Community! WANTED: Friendly, new or experienced tai chi players to add to the great atmosphere of the Zhang San Feng Festival & Dao of Health Expo. Come and join us!

Name: Lewis H. Armstrong, Sr.   Date: 2006.03.14
City: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Message: The site serves to enlilghten.

Name: Matthew Stampe   Date: 2006.03.06
City: Washington DC, USA
Message: I am happy to see that Yang Taichi is alive and well outside of Yang family. I come from a lineage from Yongnian tai chi- Fu Zhong Wen's Shanghai chapter and my current teacher Dr. Xianhao cheng from Hangzhou Yongnian chapter. The Yang style we practice is broader and deeper than the current Yang Family cirriculum and has more to offer in terms of real skill much like your lineage.

Name: MONICA CALVO   Date: 2006.02.14

Name: Sifu Gary Stier, OMD   Date: 2005.12.23
City: Woodcreek, Texas (TX), USA
Message: On behalf of the International Shen Men Tao Association, I wish Sifu Chu and his family and students much Peace and Joy during this Holiday Season and throughout the 2006 New Year! Sifu Gary Stier

Name: Jason Meyer   Date: 2005.12.14
City: Adelaide, South Australia
Message: Seasons Greetings. Can I say that your generosity of wisdom and spirit in providing such information in a manner that helps crystalise my own developing understanding of this majestic art has been truly inspiring. Peace be with you.

Name: Jon   Date: 2005.12.05
City: bkk, Thailand

Great site.  I was searching for something completely different, and came across your page, and ended up finding something I didn’t even know I was looking for! 


Name: Brian C G odsoe   Date: 2005.11.16
City: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada B2W 6A2
Message: Hi: Enjoying T'ai Chi. Just a novice, hope to do better. am approaching 80, maybe in another 10 years ao so I will have mastered Grasp the birds tail Ha Ha

Name: Miguel Larrea   Date: 2005.11.07
City: Miami / Florida
Message: Excelent resource for information I got answers for my questions in the articles section

Name: Jorge Melendez Melchor   Date: 2005.10.28
City: Hato Rey, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Message: Very good page, and good articles

Name: Michael Udel   Date: 2005.10.19
City: Guangzhou, Guandong, China
Message: Absolutely my favorite Taijiquan web site. The articles are excellent and well-written. Thanks!

Name: Sci Zortumee   Date: 2005.09.21
City: Inner Chambers, High Charity
Message: Has greatly informational pages, good quality.

Name: Karel   Date: 2005.09.06
City: Zlin, Czech Republic
Message: Very nice pages and good information for every taichiqhuan player. I thank to Master Vincent Chu for his excelent teaching every day.