Solo Drill and Martial Art

People often say "Being efficient in one technique is better than learning one thousand techniques." This points out the importance of mastering single techniques. This is usually done in Solo Drill training.

"Solo Drill training" refers to the repeated practice of the same movement and its variations for its value as a martial application. One should practice each individual movement until one has fully mastered the technique's execution in applications and variations, power and timing. Although practicing the same thing repeatedly may be boring to some, it cannot be ignored by martial art practitioners. This training plays a very important role in determining one's skill.

There are many people who have invested decades of their time in martial arts training. They have learned many styles, bare hand forms and weapon forms. However, when these people are in a confrontation which calls for martial applications, they do not know what to do. The main reason for this is that they have spent all their time learning the complex routines or forms. They did not spend any time to digest what they have learned, such as the application of each individual movement, the timing, the execution and the use of power.

Although forms or routines are the result of many people's experiences, their main function is to make it easier for practitioners to remember certain techniques, make the training interesting, and improve balance and coordination. At the same time, forms have many limitations and restrictions. There are many misleading movements in routines because of the form's requirements as a performance art and the need for continuity. Actually, some movements have no value in martial application. For example, a movement often appears only on one side, left without right, or front without rear, top without bottom. In addition, to keep routines smooth, natural and graceful in transitions, many impractical movements are added. Some movements put emphasis on the body's flexibility, coordination and nimbleness, or increase the difficulty of executing movements as the form progresses. This often makes all the martial art applications and techniques indistinguishable. Truthfully, to win in confrontation and overcome the opponent one simply needs speed and a powerful strike, nothing else.

Some routines are very short, allowing a practitioner to practice the movements more often in a set amount of time. However, it is still better when one is able to practice each movement individually. When one practices the movements individually and separately, one understands each movement's martial usage and function better. Therefore, in order to fully understand the movement's martial application and its variations, one must practice each movement separately. The practice of these individual movements is called Solo Drill Training.

Article By Master Vincent Chu
Copyright © V. Chu. All rights reserved.