Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan System

According to Yang Cheng-Fu, the curriculum of The Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan's System is composed of Solo Forms, Weapons forms, Push Hand Exercises and Power Development Exercises. In the Solo Forms, there are the 85 Movements Solo Form which is divided into small, medium and large frames; the 108 Movements Solo Form; the Long Form also known as Tai Chi Chung Chuan; the Fast Form; the 13 Animals Form or 13 Postures, and the 2-Person Sparring Set. The school also teaches a series of short forms that have been choreographed by Master Vincent Chu. In the Push Hand Exercises, there are the Walking; Stationary Step Single and Double Joint Hand; Active Step Single and Double Joint Hand; Open & Close; Great Pulling; Four Corners & Four Directions; Lan Cho Hua (pick up the broken flowers)and Dynamic Push Hands. In the Weapons Forms, there are the Staff Form; the 13 Spear Techniques Form; the Small Flower Spear Form; the Knife Form; the Sword Form and the Special Weapon Form also known as halbert. In the Power Development Exercises, also known as Qigong, there is the Wu Chi Posture, Tai Chi Chuan Qigong and others.

The Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Federation's headquarter offers some of these forms. As far as we can verify, we are the only school in the country that offers some of these authentic forms. The student undergoes a training that is extensive and intensive, from a teacher who has a broad and deep knowledge of the art.

Many who have observed the classes have remarked at the completeness of the curriculum and the depth of the instructions. "We have not seen anything like it anywhere." "We thought Tai Chi Chuan covered only one form! Now we see that it has a variety of sets to study over the years." "The manipulation of Qi is something we have not seen before."