Yeung Kin Hou (Yang-Chian) (1839-1917)

The third son of Yeung Lou Sim, Yeung Kin Hou modified the form developed by his father into a series of movements known as "Jhong Jia" (Medium Frame). This form was further modified by his third son, Yeung Ching Po into the "Da Jia" (Big Frame) style of Tai Chi Chuan which is generally known as Yang Tai Chi and is the most popular form of Tai Chi taught today.

Yeung Kin Hou had three sons: Chao-Hsiung (Yeung Siu Hou) (1862-1930), a second son who died young, and Chao-Chin (Yeung Ching Po)(1883-1936). Both surviving sons were trained in Tai Chi Chuan.