Yeung Lou Sim - (Yang Luchan - Yang Fukui) - (1799 - 1872)

Generally considered the founder of the Yang Family Style of Tai Chi Chuan, Yeung Lou Sim was born in the Hebei (Ho-Pei) Province of China. He showed an interest in the martial arts at a very young age and first learned a hard boxing style from an elderly boxer named Shao-Lin. At the age of 10 he left his home village to go to Chenjiagou in Wenxian County. There he worked for the Chen family and learned a style of Tai Chi called "Lao Jia" ("Old Frame"). He also learned "Tui Shou" (push hands) and combat with weapons from Master Chen Chanxing (Chen Chang-Hsing).

After a long period of study (30 years) with Master Chen Chanxing, Yeung Lou Sim returned to his birthplace and began to instruct others in Tai Chi. In addition, he gave demonstrations of his power and many stories and legends exist regarding his abilities and strength. Yeung Lou Sim had 3 sons. The first died very young but the other two, Yeung Ban Hou (1837-1892) and Yeung Kin Hou (Yang Chian) (1839-1917) were trained in Tai Chi Chuan by their father.

As Tai Chi increased in popularity, Yeung Lou Sim modified the form to make it more accessible to people. This form would be further modified by his 3rd son, Yeung Kin Hou (Yang-Chian) and by his grandson, Yeung Ching Po (1883-1936) into the present "Da Jia" (Big Frame) style of Tai Chi Chuan.